“The Great Good Place” Uses Sustainable Innovation to Connect Bangkok Residents

Bangkok, Thailand, is a vibrant metropolis. This colorful capital city, one of the most visited in the world, offers amazing food and culture, tourist-friendly floating markets, golden palaces, great shopping, and booming nightlife. But—as is true of life in other big cities—its residents also deal with issues of social isolation, lack of access to green spaces, and other urban woes.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation, Ltd. (MQDC), a Thailand-based real-estate developer, recognizes that potential home buyers might want more than just a building complex and created an integrated 17-acre campus called WHIZDOM 101. The venture is called The Great Good Place, after sociologist Ray Oldenburg’s 1989 book, which posits that to live well, a balance between home life, the workplace, and sociable “third places” to build community is crucial. WHIZDOM 101 is a sustainable smart city within a large metropolis designed to help residents lead more efficient, healthier, and more fulfilling lives through innovation and technology.

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Photo Credit: Sustainability and community inform Bangkok‘s WHIZDOM 101 housing concept, which integrates work, home, and a common “third place.” Courtesy MQDC.