Enabling the future

In 2011 Ivan Owen created a metal hand for a steampunk costume and shared a video of it online.  His actions started a maker revolution as people took notice and reached out to him for help creating functional, prosthetic hands.  Ivan started leveraging crowdsourcing and 3D printing to leverage the power of designers and 3D printers around the world to make a difference in their communities.  With a goal of improving the first open-sourced online designs for 3D printed hands, e-Nable has developed a network of thousands of volunteers using 3D printing to create, print, and assemble 3D printed prosthetic devices for anyone in need.  If you have a 3D printer in your classroom, check out Enabling the Future and see how you and your students can design and 3D print a prosthetic device for someone in need.

Start with a simple design. Learn how to design a robotic gripper.