Carbon3D: revolutionizing 3D printing

In the movie Terminator 2, the evil robot from the future has the power to liquefy and reform into any shape. This idea inspired Joseph DeSimone, CEO of Carbon3D, to come up with a revolutionary new way of 3D printing.  Rather than the traditional method of 3D printing, which DeSimone says in his TED Talk is really just “2D printing over and over,” the Carbon3D printer harnesses light and oxygen to form 3D prints with no layers, thereby increasing the strength of the prints and decreasing the time it takes to make them, with speeds up to 100 times faster.  The technology used in the Carbon3D printer will have huge impacts on the variety of materials that can be used in 3D printing and its applications in manufacturing.  To build your own 3D printable designs, check out some of our Maker projects, like Mobile Phone Accessory.