What do VEX Robotics, WorldSkills, and F1 in Schools all have in common? Great Design Academy content!

Do you have a VEX Robotics program at your school?  How about WorldSkills?  Or maybe your students like to build racecars with F1 in Schools?  If they do, we’ve got lots of great content to help your students gain the background knowledge and skills they need to be a fierce competitor.  Even if none of your students participate in these programs, the engineering and design skills they’ll learn from our partner content will help them hone their creativity, and keep them interested along the way.

In VEX Robotics competitions, student teams build their own robots to compete in a game against opposing robots.  There are many types of robots, and we show you how to design them in our VEX curriculum.  For instance, you can make a Clawbot to pick up objects and put them where you want them, you can create an Object Manipulator, or you can create your own custom parts.  For inspiration, check out some of the designs students have made such as this beautiful custom wheel modeled after a flower.  If you want to hear directly from an educator on how to successfully implement a VEX program at your school, watch this On Air recording by Brian Stevenson of Cheyenne Central High School, in which he explains how he teaches students to design VEX robots using Autodesk Inventor and biomimicry concepts.

Students in WorldSkills competitions show off their chops in a variety of industries, from cooking to car design.  Autodesk supports students in these competitions with free access to our 3D design software, but we’ve also created a curriculum for students to learn the basics of engineering through designing basic mechanisms such as a fishing reel to designing more complex items like a 4 cylinder boxer engine.  The skills students learn are invaluable, and thanks to WorldSkills foundation, they’re sharing them with the world.  Check out our blog series about the School 125 Community Plumbing Challenge to learn how 4 WorldSkills teams partnered with Autodesk Student Experts to design an environmentally sustainable plumbing solution for a school in India.

What kid wouldn’t want to design, simulate, and manufacture their own CO2-powered car?  That’s exactly what students in F1 in Schools do.  Using Autodesk Fusion 360, students design their own branded, aerodynamic racecar.  Learn how to build your own racecar with this fun project, or start with something simpler and design a racing helmet.  For inspiration, check out this winning student design.

Whether you or your students participate in any of these programs or not, you’ll find lots of great content on Design Academy to inspire you and give you the tools you need to teach 3D design and engineering.