Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Manufacturing

Like many industries, manufacturing has had to battle misrepresentation and stereotyping in public perception for a long time. Americans have consistently valued manufacturing as critical to the economy. But actually pursuing a career in it? That’s a whole different story. 

This tension between valuing manufacturing in theory but not in personal application is what the Fabricators & Manufacturer’s Association, International wanted to address in 2012 when they created MFG DAY. According to their mission statement, “Manufacturing Day addresses common misconceptions about manufacturing by giving manufacturers an opportunity to open their doors and show, in a coordinated effort, what manufacturing is—and what it isn’t.” Basically, the holiday gives manufacturers a voice in shaping how the public views them, and how the workforce views career opportunities in the industry.

In honor of Manufacturing Day, and in an effort to contribute to the ever-evolving way we make things, we’ve put together a list of the top three things to pay attention to.


1. Reskilling is important

If there’s any one truth to abide by, it is that change is a constant. As we evolve as a planet, advances in technology are changing the way all things are made. We are seeing everything from automation to artificial intelligence to robotics begin to impact the manufacturing industry, including the jobs that are created—or eliminated—by these advancements. This change has led to an ever-growing need to reskill employees for new projects and roles previously unimagined. Companies are taking note and adapting to these needs in order to keep up. Read all about the reskilling revolution here.


2. Generative design—problem solving with AI

You may have heard of this up-and-coming design method, as it has garnered broad attention for how much variety and creativity it offers in the design process. What exactly is generative design? With a design idea in mind (and some basic parameters), you can quickly generate many high-performing solutions, some of which would be impossible to come up with on your own. So why is generative design making such a splash in manufacturing? When it comes to manufacturing solutions, generative design has proven itself by reimagining objects into more efficient structures. Learn more about how generative design is impacting the manufacturing industry here.


3. Our future is shaping how manufacturers make everything

We are just beginning to scratch the surface of the global challenges and opportunities the future will bring. As the world continues to grow and urbanize, demand for all things made and manufactured grows along with it. This is further complicated by the fact that resources on this planet of ours are finite. Therefore, the manufacturing industry is faced with a stark reality: how can we make more with less? While this may paint a dire picture, it is actually an opportunity to make better things in better, more sustainable ways. For example, advances in automation will help us make products that are customized and configurable, and therefore more valuable to us. Learn more about how else we can make more with less here.