Pokémon challenge: Gotta model ‘em all!

Unless you’ve been off the grid for the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard of Pokémon Go.  But if you’re like me, you may already be getting sick of catching the same Pidgey or Weedle over and over.  Rather than trying to “catch ‘em all,” how about you 3D model them!  

Design Academy student Rishil Patel used Fusion 360 to model and render a Pokémon Ball that looks so realistic, you feel like you’re in a live-action Pokémon movie.  To build your Fusion 360 skills so you can model like Rishil, try our Product Design in Fusion 360 course, or sign up for one of our Design Now webinars.  Last but not least, share your designs with us in your Design Academy portfolio!

So, what Pokémon will you model?