How to integrate cloud-based 3D coordination tools in construction management courses

3D model coordination via the cloud

As a construction educator, helping students understand the connection between 2D documents and 3D Building Information Models (BIM) can be challenging. However, Dr. Jeong Woo from the Milwaukee School of Engineering proved that his undergraduate students could overcome this challenge by using Autodesk BIM 360 to collaborate on their 3D model projects. 

B360 Glue clash detection 1_1152x648.jpg

An example of clash detection between structural and building MEP systems.

You can learn how these students used BIM 360 Glue for multi-disciplinary coordination and clash detection by watching the recorded webinar "How to integrate BIM 360 Glue in Construction Management classes". In this webinar, Dr. Woo discusses Connected BIM's relevancy in undergraduate construction management classes and how it aligns with the American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) and Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) student learning outcomes.

If you're an educator preparing your students for a world of Connected BIM, consider applying for a BIM 360 education subscription

About BIM 360

BIM 360 construction management software enables virtually anytime, anywhere access to project data throughout the construction lifecycle. BIM 360 empowers those in the field to better anticipate and act, and those in the back office to optimize and manage all aspects of construction performance.

BIM 360 Glue iPad 2.jpg
View of 3D model and markups on the BIM 360 Glue app.

BIM 360 webinar series for construction

In June, Autodesk Education kicked off a three-part construction webinar series to explore how BIM 360 can be applied inside the classroom. Please join us for upcoming webinars focused on BIM 360 tools and workflows.

Cloud-based collaboration technologies have the ability to radically change how we imagine, design, and build in a connected BIM world. Explore what BIM 360 has to offer today!

How to integrate BIM 360 in Construction Management and IPD classes
Watch this webinar on how Autodesk BIM 360 and Collaboration for Revit helped graduate students at the University of Florida collaborate on group projects for construction management.

BIM 360 Education subscription application
Institutions may apply for a BIM 360 grant of BIM 360 Docs, Glue, Field, and Plan software. Please note that an Autodesk ID is required to sign-in and apply for this subscription.

Learning resources and inspiration

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The construction industry is urgently looking to attract new talent who are well versed with technology, have BIM skills, and are comfortable using cloud applications. Hear what Industry is looking for and learn how a professor is helping to create skilled graduates in his BIM into his courses.

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