Character design

A friendly, talking rodent loved by children worldwide. Short, plump, yellow creatures with a fondness for blue overalls. Little blue people with names that identify their personality traits. Chances are you know the names of these iconic characters described here. How cool would it be to design such a popular character?
At Autodesk, we’re proud to provide animators with the tools to create such amazing characters. In fact, for the last 21 years, the Best VFX Oscar-winning movies have all used Autodesk software.
Today, we invite everyone—not just future movie and game designers—to come up with a character that is worthy of being featured on the home page of Design Academy. Will yours be cute? Scary? Funny? Shy? Dig deep into your imagination and use the resources below to help you bring that idea to life. Then share your design in the Portfolio section of Design Academy, so we can all check it out.  

Learning Resources

Think like an animator
Create a character for the next animated blockbuster.
In these projects, you’ll learn how animation can be used to make movies and games.
Fusion 360 video training
Choose the skill level on the video training. Whether you are advanced or just a beginner, we’ve got you covered.
Push and pull your idea to life
Learn the basics of Fusion 360 and then try out your skills by designing a character using the intuitive push and pull functionality.
Create a character with purpose
When you hear the word “animation” you probably think of your favorite movies and TV shows, but animated characters can be used for many purposes beyond entertainment.

Inspirational stories and videos 

Educator Highlight: Erik Hofman
Learn how this high school teacher in the Netherlands taught his students 3D design and allowed them to choose what they wanted to design.
The art of digital storytelling: Carlos Baena
What is the secret to developing a great character? Learn how this blockbuster animator and filmmaker teaches students to observe the world around them.

Image credits: Character designs here and on the home page are courtesy of BLACKGINGER, Gravity, Amorpheus C.A., and Centre NAD.