Design a robot and change the world

When most of us think of robots, we think of futuristic beings like the ones portrayed in science fiction movies. But today, with robotics being used in healthcare, product design, building design, and so many other industries, these machines are becoming part of our daily lives. Robots are working in-step with humans, augmenting our capabilities and helping to design new, faster and smarter solutions to create a better world. They are empowering humans to imagine, design and make in ways we never dreamed possible.
Interaction between machines and humans is made possible by software and Autodesk is a conduit for that creative flow. We create the tools that help make the world we see around us.
Need help building skills to move your idea from your brain to the 3D environment? Want to be inspired by others making and using robots? Check out the links below and get started.

Learning Resources
VEX Custom Part Creation
Explore ways to create a higher performing robot using rapid prototyping and 3D printing.
Design gears for your robot
Learn about mechanical power transmission and gears and how they work. 
Design a freestyle robot
Learn the basics of Fusion 360 and then try out your skills by designing a robot straight from your imagination.
Inspirational stories and videos
Interns go from a high school robotics team to a career in robotics
Fourteen summer interns find that their experience building robots in high school can lead to career in the future.  

VEX Robotics Championship 
Read how 15,000 students from 30 countries participated in the largest robotics competition on the planet.
High School student builds a robot 
Cole Barnett uses Autodesk software and 3D printing to build a robot.
Return of the Robots
How Fusion 360 and 3D printing helped designers bring their dream combat robots to life.
At 10 years old, Lisa Winter decided she was joining the BattleBots competition. It's clear she found her tribe.
Make a robot in your bedroom?
How a teenager built a 'Robot Wars' fighting machine in his bedroom
Future cities 
There is a shift in thinking about how cities are being planned and built and robotics play a big role.
Robots in Architecture
Learn how architecture students are exploring the use of robotics for fabrication.
Digital Fabrication and Architectural Robotics in the Design Studio
The use of robotics in fabrication is changing the way architecture students design.

*Design by student John Harris