How are robots changing the world?

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Ready to start building? Get a head start on your robot.

Download this three-wheeled base for a small, Roomba-like robot that can drive around the house. Add or build on top of this design to design and make your own robot.

What are others doing to build a career in robotics?

Skills that take you to a career in robotics

Learn how a group of recent high school graduates took their VEX Robotics experience to a whole new level through a summer internship program. Now they are on their way towards a career in robotics.

Robotics: Driving Change Now

Hear from Glenn Luckinbill, Founder & CEO of Swarm Robotix the incredible story of how high school students solved a problem using robotics.

VEX Robotics students learning the future of robot making at MegaBots lab.

What do VEX Robotics students and MegaBots have in common? Their passion for robots! VEX Robotics 2017 High School World Champions are invited to tour MegaBots lab to learn about how professionals are building robots, and see what it takes to have a robot building career.

Students use Fusion 360 to build multi-robotic systems.

Learn how student interns at Swarm Robotix solved a real-world problem.

How can I get involved in a robotics program?

VEX Robotics

Take part in VEX Robotics.

Autodesk is proud to partner with VEX Robotics and the Robotics Education & Competition (REC) Foundation to inspire students to pursue careers in STEM fields, helping close the global skills gap and connecting education to industry through hands-on, curriculum-based robotics engineering programs.

How else are robots changing lives and changing the world?

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Design a robot and change the world

Design a robot and change the world

Robots are empowering humans to imagine, design and make in ways we never dreamed possible.

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Swarm Robotix high school interns

Interns go from a high school robotics team towards a career in robotics

Fourteen students try out a real-world project that also gives them work experience.

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Human-centered design in robots

Why human-centered design is the key to building better robots

Learn how Essential Design creates products and services for all kinds of people in all kinds of situations.

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VEX Robotics team, Black Frogs

Robotics team wins competition with help from Autodesk

Learn how the Black Frog Robotics team used their skills to win competitions.