Autodesk 3ds Max®

Arts and entertainment industry pros share a secret: 3ds Max produces spectacular visual effects, but it’s intuitive to use and easy to learn. New 3ds Max tools for 3D modeling, animation, simulation, and rendering achieve complex effects, from convincing crowd scenes to believable human motion. For fast, high-resolution results, 3ds Max is the production platform of choice for film, television, video games, and motion graphics.

Autodesk AutoCAD®

Designers, architects, and engineers use this creative CAD (computer-aided design) software to improve products like skateboards and hearing aids, and change landscapes with soccer stadiums and space movie sets. AutoCAD sets the industry standard for 2D and 3D conceptual design, 3D model documentation, and reality capture tools—plus thousands of available add-ons.

Autodesk Fusion 360

Pull, push, and drag your design into the perfect shape with Fusion 360′s touch tools. Designers can collaborate on concepts on their computers and mobile devices, thanks to this cloud-based tool for industrial and mechanical design. Whether your dream is a flying car or a killer guitar, you can put your design into production using Fusion 360′s computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) tools.

Autodesk Inventor®

Big ideas become breakthrough products with Inventor, the professional 3D mechanical design software that speeds designs from visualization and documentation to simulation and production. Designers count on Inventor to produce ambitious designs, from luxury yachts to industrial robots. Digital prototyping with Inventor helps creators validate their concepts, reduce development costs, and get to market faster.

Autodesk Maya®

The go-to software for 3D computer animation, Maya is best known for its work on movies, TV shows and video games. But this versatile animation software also plays key roles in aerospace and science, from simulating asteroid trajectories to modeling virus mutations. Maya’s powerful simulation, rendering, and compositing create photorealistic effects, from waves crashing to wigs blowing in the breeze.

Autodesk Revit®

Architects and engineers rely on Revit to make their marks on the skyline, building skyscrapers and parks with Revit’s 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) toolkit. Revit makes construction streamlined and sustainable, with built-in construction documentation, architectural design templates, structural engineering tools, and energy guides to meet green building standards.

Autodesk Formit 360®

FormIt® 360 lets architects sketch, collaborate, analyze, and iterate early design concepts. FormIt 360 connects conceptual design to BIM processes for more fluid workflows.