Visual Storytelling: Storyboards

Industrial Design, STEAM
SketchBook Express
1-5 hours
In this project you will create storyboards in Sketchbook Express.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Visual Storytelling: Storyboarding

A storyboard is a sequence of comic-like illustrations and written text used to tell a story and communicate the visual elements of the story. The process of storyboarding was developed by Walt Disney Studios in the 1930’s, and continues to be used today by animators, game developers, and visual artists.


Get creative with design in class

In this activity, students will learn the basic elements of good storytelling and creating and presenting a dynamic storyboard for a public service announcement. The instructional tutorials  showcase real world storyboards created by Warren Fearn, Founder of 3D 4 WE, for the World Wildlife Fund.


Project resource download


Download these assets to learn how to create storyboards in Sketchbook Express.

Project Assets

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