VEX Object Manipulation

11-15 hours
Design an object manipulator for your VEX robot.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like an engineer: Design an object manipulator for your robot

Robotic object manipulators fall into three basic categories: plows, scoops, and friction grabbers. The category names pretty much describe the function that each type of object manipulator performs. Look around your home, school, or neighborhood for tasks that can be accomplished using a VEX object manipulator. Determine which type of object manipulator is best suited for the task you choose to take on.


Get creative with design in class

In this project, pre-engineering teacher Brian Stevenson demonstrates how to design and build a VEX object manipulator using Autodesk Inventor software and the VEX Robotics Kit. Brian guides you step by step through the design thinking process as he creates a scoop-type object manipulator that scoops up balls and then lifts and deposits them into a receptacle.


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Design an object manipulator for your VEX robot.

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