VEX Mechanical Power Transmission

11-15 hours
Design gears in Autodesk Inventor for your VEX robot.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Cheyenne Central High School
Engineering Design Instructor

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Think like an engineer: Design gears for your robot

Gears are toothed wheels designed to transmit power to any mechanical system to make it work. Gears can increase or decrease speed, increase force, and change direction. Gears are essential in the field of robotics. Gear design can make or break a VEX robot in the robotics competition arena.


Get creative with design in class

In this project, you learn about mechanical power transmission and gears and how they work. Pre-engineering instructor Brian Stevenson guides you through the creative process of designing and building an efficient gear system for your VEX object manipulator’s robotic arm. He shows you how to simulate and analyze your gears in motion using Dynamic Simulation in Autodesk Inventor software. Based on the results, you refine your design and build a high performance gear system that makes your VEX robotic object manipulator function flawlessly.


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Design gears in Autodesk Inventor for your VEX robot.

Project Assets

  • Starter 220 KB
  • Software 649.6 MB
  • Instructor Manual.pdf 353.22 KB PREVIEW
  • Design Thinking 188.72 MB
  • Get Started with Autodesk and VEX.mp4 520.36 MB PREVIEW


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The starter download seems to be corrupted. Is there another location we could download the starter files?

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