USB Pen Drive

Maker, Product Design
6-10 hours
Make a USB pen drive that can be 3D printed.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Autodesk Education provides free access to industry-standard professional 3D design software...

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Think like a designer: Make a USB pen drive

We all know what it is – but who knows what it stands for? Turns out, the acronym USB stands for: Universal Serial Bus. In this project, you design and build a USB drive that combines your personal style with functionality. Learn how to use flexible computer-aided manufacturing systems like Autodesk Inventor, to produce customized products. Make a customized USB Pen to hold project files or as give aways. It’s easy and fun way to get introduce to 3D modeling and 3D printing.


Get creative with design in class

The project concentrates on the design and manufacture of a USB flash pen drive using a range of sketching and software, alongside laser cutting and 3D printing processes.  Students identify and define the customer’s needs and brainstorm design ideas using the Design Thinking process. Design concepts are developed into prototypes and refined based on peer review. The final outcome is a 3D print custom USB Pen drive.


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Make a USB pen drive that can be 3D printed.

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Just looking at trying this project with a group of yr9 students to promote creativity in 3d design and printing using inventor