Still Life Drawing: Line

SketchBook Express
1-5 hours
Think like a designer: Sketch a digital still life

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like a designer: Sketch a digital still life

Fashion designers and architects may be full of great ideas, but they can't expect backers to read their minds. Before they can hit the runway or break ground, they have to show investors what they have in mind through sketches detailed with lines, shapes, and shading. With this digital art challenge, you'll bring objects to life like today's artists, architects, and fashion designers do, using nothing more than a digital sketchbook and your imagination.


Get creative with design in class

In this digital art challenge, you'll learn skills that fashion designers and architects use every day at work: observational drawing, adding dimension with value shifts and contouring, applying principles of light and shade, and presenting a digital 2D still life that looks 3D. With creativity and critical thinking, you will create a still life that looks like it belongs in real life—and captures your viewers' imaginations.


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Create a digital still life with Sketchbook® Express.

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