Simulation: Nonlinear Material Analysis

Simulation Mechanical
15+ hours
This project presents the theory and methods used to perform nonlinear analyses using Autodesk Simulation.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Simulation: Nonlinear Material Analysis

Sometimes, engineers need to analyze nonlinear materials, which behave differently than linear materials.  Nonlinear phenomena can be due to non-linear material behavior, large displacements, stress dependency, and intermittent contact.


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This project contains 6 modules that present the theory, numerical methods, and modeling techniques used to analyze mechanical systems containing non-linear materials. Elastic-plastic, hyperelastic, and viscoelastic materials are covered in both static and dynamic load environments.


Project resource download


Download the assets for Modules 1 of the Nonlinear Material Analysis project.

Module01 Overview

  • Software Tutorials.mp4 5.2 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 988.04 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 540.23 KB PREVIEW
  • 1.18 MB


Download the assets for Modules 2-6 of the Nonlinear Material Analysis project.

Module02 Elastic-plastic Material Analysis

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 13.31 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 7.74 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 536.38 KB PREVIEW
  • 12.55 MB

Module03 Hyperplastic Materials

  • 1.21 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 536.35 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 6.66 MB
  • Software 76.44 MB

Module04 Viscoelastic Materials

  • 2.49 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 536.48 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 5.49 MB
  • Software Tutorial.mp4 14.69 MB PREVIEW

Module05 Risk Analysis

  • 961.31 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 536.44 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 3.01 MB
  • Software 45.12 MB


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