Simulation: Linear Material Analysis

Simulation Mechanical
15+ hours
This project presents the theory and methods used to perform linear analyses using Autodesk Simulation.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Simulation: Linear Material Analysis

The bulk of the problems solved by engineers on a daily basis require the use of linear analysis. One definition of a linear analysis is that a plot of response parameters versus input parameters is a straight line. In this project a linear analysis is one that involves linear materials.


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This project contains 9 modules that present the theory, numerical methods, and modeling techniques used to analyze mechanical systems made from linear elastic materials. The modules address static and dynamic problems, and the identification of failure modes associated with yielding, elastic-buckling, and fatigue. Autodesk® Simulation Multiphysics software is used to demonstrate how to setup and perform various types of analyses.


Project resource download


Download the assets for Modules 1-5 of the Linear Material Analysis project.

Module01 Virtual Work Equation

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 535.34 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 205.05 KB
  • Software Tutorial.mp4 4.44 MB PREVIEW
  • 505.74 KB

Module02 Newton-Raphson Equations

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.39 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 105.55 KB
  • Software Tutorial.mp4 4.37 MB PREVIEW
  • 505.87 KB

Module03 Truss Element Equations

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.38 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 423.72 KB
  • Software Tutorial.mp4 3.99 MB PREVIEW
  • 505.48 KB

Module04 Static Analysis

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.28 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 3.02 MB
  • Software 78.14 MB
  • 11.82 MB

Module05 Natural Frequency Analysis

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.27 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 2.49 MB
  • Software 24.02 MB
  • 7.25 MB


Download the assets for Modules 6-9 of the Linear Material Analysis project.

Module06 Modal Superposition

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.34 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 2.62 MB
  • Software 66.34 MB
  • 12.44 MB

Module07 Direct Integration

  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.29 KB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 2.81 MB
  • Software Tutorial.mp4 9.72 MB PREVIEW
  • 3.73 MB

Module08 Load Factor Analysis

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 4.07 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 1.16 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 532.41 KB PREVIEW
  • 3.72 MB

Module09 Fatigue Analysis

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 18.62 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 1.77 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 528.18 KB PREVIEW
  • 1.88 MB


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