Simulation: Dynamic Simulation

15+ hours
This project presents the theory and methods used to perform a dynamic analysis of a mechanical system using the Dynamic Simulation environment in Autodesk Inventor.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Dynamic Simulation

The Dynamic Simulation environment is part of an integrated design and analysis system. It uses information generated by the Assembly environment and creates data that can be used by the Autodesk Simulation Mechanical finite element tools. The seamless data transfer between state-of-the-art design and analysis tools creates a highly productive design environment that makes the engineering design process more efficient.


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This project contains 8 modules that present the theory, numerical methods, and modeling techniques used to analyze systems of rigid bodies undergoing dynamic motion. A progression from kinematic to dynamic analysis is covered. This class of problem is frequently encountered during the design of mechanisms whose components undergo large displacements and rotations. The Dynamic Simulation Environment in Autodesk® Inventor® is used to demonstrate important concepts.


Project resource download


Download the assets for Modules 1 and 2 of the Dynamic Simulation project.

Module01 Overview of Dynamic Simulation Capabilities

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 6.45 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 991.97 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.32 KB PREVIEW
  • 7.51 MB

Module02 Degrees of Freedom and Joints

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 10.38 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 1.92 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.53 KB PREVIEW
  • 689.7 KB


Download the assets for Modules 3-8 of the Dynamic Simulation project.

Module03 Constraint Equations

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 9.64 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 4.93 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.36 KB PREVIEW
  • 689.56 KB

Module04 Constraint Kinematics

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 14.58 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 440.85 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.38 KB PREVIEW
  • 8.83 MB

Module05 Piston Assembly Example

  • Software 119.02 MB
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 9.74 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.64 KB PREVIEW
  • 49.61 MB

Module06 Lagranges Equations of Motion

  • Software Tutorial.mp4 6.13 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 489.77 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.93 KB PREVIEW
  • 7.26 MB

Module07 Lagrangian Multipliers

  • Software Tutorials.mp4 12.39 MB PREVIEW
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 302.22 KB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 558.56 KB PREVIEW
  • 16.73 MB

Module08 CAM Example Problem

  • Software 33.87 MB
  • Lecture Slides.pptx 6.78 MB
  • Instructor Guide.pdf 554.41 KB PREVIEW
  • 15.21 MB


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@Bùi Tá Quang Thank you for the feedback regarding this course. We've updated the corrupted file.

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