Simple Architectural Rendering: Value

SketchBook Express
1-5 hours
Think like an architect: Create a moody architectural rendering

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Project Resources

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Think like an architect: Create a moody architectural rendering

To set the mood in your house, you can dim or turn on the lights—but how do you set a mood in a picture of a house? Value and tone add light and dark to geometric forms, allowing artists and architects to modify color and express mood in their drawings. But minor details can make a major difference: a subtle shift in value could turn a sunny dream home into a gloomy house of horrors. In this artistic challenge, you'll use ranges of value and tone to add drama and interest to a simple architectural rendering.


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In this digital art challenge, you'll learn skills that architects use every day at work: adding texture and dimension with value and tone, creating geometric forms with digital rendering tools, applying principles of perspective with vanishing points and horizon lines, and presenting a digital architectural rendering that captures a mood. With creativity and critical thinking, you can turn a simple structure into a dreamy summer vacation home—or a spooky Halloween haunted house.


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Create an architectural rendering with Sketchbook® Express.

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