Shape: Park Design

SketchBook Express
1-5 hours
Learn about the importance of shape in composition through designing a park.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like a designer: Design a park

Throughout art history, artists have expanded the vocabulary of design by exploring shape in composition. In particular, the mobile sculptures of Alexander Calder offer examples of how asymmetrical balance can be achieved in a dynamic composition.  Understanding this, how we use shapes within the picture plane can either be very formal or very whimsical. We can also take advantage of how the human eye is able to discern positive and negative shapes by utilizing the play between the two, and by combining organic with geometric shapes, we are able to create a dynamic, yet functional, small park design.



Get creative with design in class

The first task is to develop basic skills in Autodesk® SketchBook® Express to develop human-scale space concepts. To accomplish this, you replicate the sample public park design by repeating the steps presented project. After completing exercise, students are encouraged to develop their own design and coming up with their own public park criteria, for example gazebos, public gardens, pools, walking trails, BBQ stations, playing fields, etc.


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Learn about the importance of shape in composition through designing a park.

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