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Design the America's Cup Sailing Center.

Project Resources

Project Resources

Ryan Lee was a former high school winner of the Architectural...

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Think like an architect: Design the America's Cup Sailing Center

The 34th America’s Cup is one of the oldest and best-known international sailing yacht competitions.  The history and prestige associated with the America's Cup attracts not only the world's top sailors and yacht designers but an international audience as well.  In this project-based learning challenge, you design the San Francisco Pier 7: America’s Cup Sailing Center that will serve as a center for sailing after the event.



Get creative with design in class

Ryan Lee guides you through designing the sailing center in a video which follows the design thinking process used by designers every day. Your design solution should consider the surrounding waterfront and architecture as well as have its own unique architectural presence on the Bay. With an emphasis on sustainability, the end result is a solution that is elegant, sophisticated and complete with 3D camera views, walkthroughs, and renderings.


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Design the America's Cup Sailing Center.

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