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Design a product starting from first sketches to complex forms, assemblies, and CNC machining.

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Design a product from concept to manufacturing

Ever wonder how to develop your idea with an easy to use yet powerful and flexible CAD package? Very often it takes a long time to get the hang of a tool and become productive. Fusion 360 and this course will help you to quickly develop high quality projects.


Design differently

Fusion 360 is a cloud-based CAD/CAM tool that combines organic shapes modelling, mechanical design, and manufacturing in one comprehensive package. In this course you will learn how to sculpt your idea, then move to parts and assembly modeling, and, as a final step, create drawings, renderings and prepare for manufacturing on a CNC machine or a 3D printer.  You can also view translated versions of this course on YouTube in SpanishPolishFrench, and German.


Project resource download

Introduction In this first lecture you will learn how to create a project and upload data.

Product Design datasets Download these datasets to get started with the project.

  • Product Designs datasets 1_updated 63.21 MB
  • Product Designs datasets 2_updated 68.12 MB

Sketching In this section you will create 2D sketches, define constraints, and create the first 3D part.

  • 02-1_Sketch.pdf 329.5 KB PREVIEW
  • 02-2_Sketch.pdf 436.22 KB PREVIEW
  • Sketch lessons.pdf 172.66 KB PREVIEW
  • 02 Sketching Part - 1.mp4 20.15 MB PREVIEW
  • 02 Sketching Part - 2.mp4 135.59 MB PREVIEW

Sculpting In this section you will work with free forms, modify and fine-tune t-splines.

  • 03-1_Sculpt.pdf 801.31 KB PREVIEW
  • 03-2_Sculpt.pdf 432.94 KB PREVIEW
  • 03-3_Sculpt.pdf 201.1 KB PREVIEW
  • 03-4_Sculpt.pdf 657.49 KB PREVIEW
  • 03 Dataset 608.53 KB
  • 03 Sculpting Part - 1.mp4 27.91 MB PREVIEW
  • 03 Sculpting Part - 2.mp4 8.17 MB PREVIEW
  • 03 Sculpting Part - 3.mp4 11.01 MB PREVIEW
  • 03 Sculpting Part - 4.mp4 47.92 MB PREVIEW

Solid modeling In this section you will create solid models based on 2D sketches and sculpted bodies.

  • 04-1_Model.pdf 602.99 KB PREVIEW
  • 04-2_Model.pdf 1.1 MB PREVIEW
  • 04 Dataset 810.83 KB
  • 04 Model Part - 1.mp4 71.17 MB PREVIEW
  • 04 Model Part - 2.mp4 165.26 MB PREVIEW

Manage and collaborate In this section you will learn how to manage and collaborate remotely with your team via the cloud and mobile.

  • 05 Manage_and_collaborate.pdf 1.68 MB PREVIEW
  • 05 Dataset 24.91 MB
  • Fusion Learn Collaborate.mp4 138.51 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion QT Live Review.mp4 80.75 MB PREVIEW

Assembly design This week you will create assemblies, define joints, perform a motion study, and apply top-down design principles.

  • 06-1 Dataset Working with 11.55 MB
  • 06-2 Dataset Moving and 5.11 MB
  • 06-3 Dataset Rigid 11.14 MB
  • 06-4 Dataset 5.09 MB
  • 06-5 Dataset As Built 9.56 MB
  • 06-6 Dataset Contact 9.56 MB
  • 06-7 Dataset Motion 9.58 MB
  • 06-8 Dataset Top Down 9.67 MB
  • 06-1_Assemblies_components.pdf 364.25 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-2_Assemblies_MoveAndAlign.pdf 135.14 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-3_Assemblies_Rigid.pdf 184.79 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-4_Assemblies_joints.pdf 336.08 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-1 working with components.mp4 32.18 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-2 moving and aligning.mp4 6.94 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-3 rigid group.mp4 3.52 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-4 joints.mp4 26.31 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-5 as built joints.mp4 12.94 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-6 contact sets.mp4 11.62 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-7 motion study.mp4 5.8 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-8 top down design.mp4 84.12 MB PREVIEW
  • 06-5_Assemblies_as_built_joints.pdf 289.81 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-6_Assemblies_contact_sets.pdf 234.2 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-7_Assemblies_motion_study.pdf 194.49 KB PREVIEW
  • 06-8_Assemblies_top_down_design.pdf 339.29 KB PREVIEW

Rendering This week you will learn how to set materials, add decals, setup environments, and render locally and in the cloud.

  • 07 Dataset 11.31 MB
  • 07 Render.pdf 1.08 MB PREVIEW
  • 07 render part 1.mp4 119.07 MB PREVIEW
  • 07 render part 2.mp4 113.24 MB PREVIEW

Animation You will learn how to create an animation and exploded view of a model.

  • Animate Designs lessons.pdf 56.53 KB PREVIEW
  • Animation introduction.mp4 4.42 MB PREVIEW
  • Animation explode a model.mp4 10.15 MB PREVIEW

Drawing creation This week you will learn how to create drawings, place views, and add annotations.

  • 08 Dataset 6.57 MB
  • 08 Drawings.pdf 868.63 KB PREVIEW
  • 08 drawings.mp4 52.76 MB PREVIEW

Simulation and Fabrication You will learn how simulation can help you validate and optimize your design.

  • Simulation lessons.pdf 57.19 KB PREVIEW
  • Fusion Product Tour_Simulate.mp4 93.01 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion Simulation Feature page update.mp4 79.91 MB PREVIEW

CAM This week you will learn the basics of CAM as well as implement 2 job setups in Fusion 360.

  • 09 Dataset CAM for 393.67 KB
  • 09 CAM.pdf 2.75 MB PREVIEW
  • 09 cam setup.mp4 85.56 MB PREVIEW
  • 09 cam setup2.mp4 47.72 MB PREVIEW


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