Old School House

1-5 hours
Design a new BIM studio in an old school house.

Project Resources

Project Resources

Rebecca Kelly is an Information Communication Technology (ICT) teacher at Shuttleworth...

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Think like a designer: Design, Engineer, Construct

Students from Shuttleworth College, Burnley, Lancashire, have teamed up with "A Class of Your Own" to help design, engineer, and redevelop a local area, The Weaver's Triangle near the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and tackle issues around sustainability. The Weaver's Triangle area was in the heart of Burnley's Textile Industry at the centre of Great Britain’s Industrial Revolution. The area is currently undergoing major regeneration and the students of Shuttleworth College and other local schools are getting involved in a real life project.  Join in the project to design a new BIM studio at the Old School House.



Get creative with design in class

In this project based challenge, you  design a new building that will be used as a Building Information Modelling (BIM) Studio to teach future design, engineering and construction professionals. Rebecca Kelly  has investigated the local history of the area, and worked with architects, building surveyors, town planners, and experts in local heritage and heritage building techniques. She shares her knowledge with you through the design thinking process.  . With creativity and critical thinking, produce a building design that is sympathetic to the needs of the local community and to the heritage of the area.


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Design a new BIM studio in an old school house.

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Excellent intro to help me get familiar with Revit!

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