What's the next step after creating a 3D design? Manufacturing. Fabrication helps designers improve their designs. It’s used throughout the design process to create 3D printed prototypes, conceptual models and finished products. Fabrication helps designers refine their designs and make their ideas become reality.

Looking for more distance learning resources for manufacturing and mechanical engineering? Check out these resources we’ve compiled for educators. 

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Engineering, Manufacturing

CAD for Mechanical Design Associate Certification Prep

Get essential skills for engineering and drafting careers, using CAD in Fusion 360. Explore the skills covered in the Autodesk...

CAM for 2.5 Axis Milling Associate Certification Prep

In this course, prepare yourself for the Autodesk Certified Associate in 2.5 Axis Milling certification exam. Review essential skills, such...
Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Design

Introduction to 3D Modeling for Manufacturing

*This course was updated on December 2020 to reflect the latest Fusion 360 UI updates. Iterate on your designs by...

Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

Future-proof your skills for today’s evolving industry. Manufacturing technology is more accessible than ever to startups and next generation entrepreneurs...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Multi-Axis CNC Toolpaths

Computer Numerical Controlled machines, or CNC for short, can have a nearly endless number of options. Most machines today control...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Creating Toolpaths for a CNC Lathe

CNC machines come in an almost endless array of configurations for various applications. So far, we have only talked about...
Engineering, Manufacturing

3-Axis Machining with Fusion 360

As our machining geometry gets more complicated, Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is up to the task! With a host of standard...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Part Consolidation

Designing a product is only part of the process. Now, can that product be manufactured? In many cases the end...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Industrial Applications

The foundation of engineering design is exploration and iteration. Design is rarely a perfectly linear and straightforward process. In this...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Performance and Weight Reduction

There are many considerations and factors that play a part in designing a new product. Cost is usually a big...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing

This course introduces you to one of the more common applications of generative design: Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing as...
Engineering, Manufacturing

CAM and Design Manufacturing for Mechanical Engineers

With design for manufacturing, our design process focused on the design over its cost, but always keeping in mind how...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Simulation Analysis for Mechanical Engineers

The foundation of engineering design is often coupled with validation. Simulation is a great tool that allows engineers to test,...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Modeling and Design for Mechanical Engineers

There are many considerations that play a part in engineering a new product. Regardless of what that product is, there...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Introduction to Design for Manufacturing

Explore the design for manufacturing workflow, validate models, and practice creating G-code—the programming language needed to instruct a CNC machine...
Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Product Design

Cert Prep for Autodesk Certified Professional: Inventor for Mechanical Design

Prove to potential employers that you’re up to the task by becoming an Autodesk Certified Professional. This online course from...
Engineering, Generative Design, Manufacturing

Introduction to Generative Design

In this course, we’ll set up, generate, and explore generative design outcomes and post process generative designs. Generative design is...
Engineering, Maker, Manufacturing, Product Design

Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is intended for those age 13 and above. Autodesk® Tinkercad™ may be used by children under 13 with parental consent.
Engineering, Manufacturing

Fusion 360 for Machinists

As a machinist, you're the expert in how things are made. Your decisions focus on cutting parts, materials, manufacturing costs,...
Engineering, Manufacturing

Fusion 360: Introduction to CAD, CAM, and CAE

Unlike any other tool of its kind, Autodesk® Fusion 360™ connects CAD, CAM, and CAE in a single cloud-based platform...