Introduction to BIM

15+ hours
Learn basic modeling techniques for Building Information Modeling (BIM), including building elements, building envelope, curtain systems, interiors and circulation, and creating families.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like a designer: capture your ideas with BIM

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is an intelligent model-based process that provides insight for creating and managing building projects faster, more economically, and with less environmental impact. Learn basic techniques for creating building information models, including: building elements, building envelope, curtain systems, interiors and circulation, and creating families.


Get creative with design in class

This project presents many of the fundamental concepts of creating BIM models through the application of the tools in Revit Architecture. The features presented are a small subset of the full range available in the Autodesk® Revit platform, specifically focusing on creating new models and displaying them in ways suitable for various applications.


Project resource download


Download these assets to learn about building information modeling (BIM).

Instructor Manual

  • Instructor Manual.pdf 1.47 MB PREVIEW

Module 01 BIM Modeling Basics

  • Module01_BIM Modeling Basics_lecture.pptx 13.03 MB
  • Module01 Step-by-Step Guide 1.41 MB
  • Module01 48.41 MB
  • Module01 Exercise01_Modeling Exterior and Interior Walls 5.13 MB PREVIEW
  • Module01 Exercise02_Adding Doors and Windows 9.26 MB PREVIEW
  • Module01 Exercise03_Adding Floors and Roofs 10.16 MB PREVIEW

Module 02 Building Envelope

  • Module02_Building Envelope_lecture.pptx 14.49 MB
  • Module02 Step-by-Step Guide 2.15 MB
  • Module02 86.88 MB
  • Module02 Exercise01_Modeling Wall Types_Structure_Design Features 16.72 MB PREVIEW
  • Module02 Exercise02_Adding Doors_Windows_Wall Openings 15.62 MB PREVIEW
  • Module02 Exercise03_Creating Roof Shapes 15.43 MB PREVIEW

Module 03 Curtain Systems

  • Module03_Curtain Systems_lecture.pptx 13.66 MB
  • Module03 Step-by-Step Guide 1.34 MB
  • Module03 111.45 MB
  • Module03 Exercise01_Creating Curtain Walls 11.45 MB PREVIEW
  • Module03 Exercise02_Adjusting Grid Lines 12.84 MB PREVIEW
  • Module03 Exercise03_Creating Curtain Panel Types 7.23 MB PREVIEW

Module 04 Interiors and Circulation

  • Module04_Interiors and Circulation_lecture.pptx 14.42 MB
  • Module04 Step-by-Step Guide 2.06 MB
  • Module04 111.02 MB
  • Module04 Exercise 01_Create a Stair and Ramp 15.14 MB PREVIEW
  • Module04 Exercise02_Modeling Custom Stairs 13.48 MB PREVIEW
  • Module04 Exercise03_Creating a Floor Opening 11.02 MB PREVIEW
  • Module04 Exercise04_Creating an Elevator 8.78 MB PREVIEW

Module 05 Fixtures, Fittings, and Furniture

  • Module05_Fixtures Fittings and Furniture_lecture.pptx 13.17 MB
  • Module05 Step-by-Step Guide 2.76 MB
  • Module05 92.62 MB
  • Module05 Exercise01_Modeling InPlace Components_part1 14.29 MB PREVIEW
  • Module05 Exercise01_Modeling InPlace Components_part2 12.73 MB PREVIEW
  • Module05 Exercise02_Modifying a Family Definition 13.63 MB PREVIEW
  • Module05 Exercise03_Creating New Families 22.19 MB PREVIEW

Module 06 Views and Visualization

  • Module06_Views and Visualization_lecture.pptx 14.13 MB
  • Module06 Step-by-Step Guide 2.16 MB
  • Module06 117.63 MB
  • Module06 Exercise01_Creating Plan Views_part 1 10.71 MB PREVIEW
  • Module06 Exercise01_Creating Plan Views_part 2 7.77 MB PREVIEW
  • Module06 Exercise02_Creating Elevation and Section Views 9.39 MB PREVIEW
  • Module06 Exercise03_Creating 3D Views 11.56 MB PREVIEW
  • Module06 Exercise04_Adjusting Appearance of Elements in a View 9.02 MB PREVIEW

Module 07 Materials and Lights

  • Module07_Materials and Lights_lecture.pptx 13.92 MB
  • Module07 Step-by-Step Guide 1.46 MB
  • Module07 59.34 MB
  • Module07 Exercise01_Assigning Materials to a Component 8.98 MB PREVIEW
  • Module07 Exercise02_Creating New Materials 9.43 MB PREVIEW

Module 08 Cloud Rendering

  • Module08_Cloud Rendering_lecture.pptx 14.51 MB
  • Module08 Step-by-Step Guide 5.21 MB
  • Module08 30.21 MB
  • Module08 Exercise01_Exterior Renderings. 37.17 MB PREVIEW
  • Module08 Exercise02_Interactive Panoramas 24.31 MB PREVIEW
  • Module08 Exercise03_Solar Studies 26.95 MB PREVIEW
  • Module08 Exercise04_Interior Illuminance Studies 71.78 MB PREVIEW
  • Module08 Exercise05_Share Renderings 26.67 MB PREVIEW


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Where do I find the Revit file to work from for these exercises?

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Hello, the Revit files you need should be downloaded from the Exercises within the modules under the Beginner assets.

Thank You,

Autodesk Education

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The Download all, Function does not seem to be working, The Zipped file contains no items, once downloaded.


Spencer Kelly
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Hello, Where can i find the Module01_Resources

Sameera Jayantha
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Hello, If I want to become BIM manager but I dont know Revit, can or not?

Vu Nguyen
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Los recursos para el curso están el inglés, han evaluado la posibilidad de tenerlos en otro idioma, por ejemplo en español?


Sally Alvarez
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deseo aprender Revit y convertirme en un Bim Manayer claro con la colaboracion de los instructores y los compañeros de esta pretijiosa academia mil gracias por la maravillosa oportunidad

Edwin Martinez
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the PPT of module03 was mixed with ex02 in module 01 and ex03 in module 02 . There are no ex02 and ex03 of module03

映辉 李
映辉 李's picture

the PPT of module03 was mixed with ex02 in module 01 and ex03 in module 02 . There are no ex02 and ex03 of module03

映辉 李
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I cant find the resources files within the downloads, please help

Caroline Bee
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Where is the resources files? I don't find it.

Cecília Rossé
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@Cecília Rossé - Hi, the resource files you need should be downloaded from the Exercises within the modules under the Beginner assets. Most datasets are in Module 01 BIM Modeling Basics.

Design Academy
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I find this very informative. I tried doing the exercises by myself and the guide was so easy to understand.. though here did not specify that you need first to load(download) templates & family library.. which had led me puzzled a couple of hours.

Jenard Peronce
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Здравствуйте, где можно найти книгу Revit на русском языке?

Janetta Vainberg
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made me glad

justin cowap
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made me glad

justin cowap
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A great Treasure of Autodesk Learning!

Khaibar Rahimy