Fusion 360 training: making the future

Engineering, Manufacturing, Product Design, STEAM
Fusion 360
1-5 hours
Learn the essentials of Autodesk Fusion 360 with this training kit. Once you're a pro, you can use the kit to teach others.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Autodesk Education provides free access to industry-standard professional 3D design software...

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Fusion 360 training: making the future

This Fusion 360™ training kit includes everything you need to teach and learn Autodesk Fusion 360, a 3D CAD/CAM tool. Whether you are new to CAD or currently using parametric CAD software, this training introduces valuable tools that can be used to teach and learn Fusion 360 essentials.


A complete Fusion 360 instructor kit

This project-based training provides a scaffolded learning experience in which students develop and apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world design challenge. It includes step-by-step software tutorials, an instructor presentation, a step-by-step guide, a lesson plan, training syllabus, and quiz.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is free for students and educators. Download it here today and get started.

Project resource download


Download these assets to get up and running with Fusion 360.

Instructor Resources

  • Lesson Plan.pdf 63.51 KB PREVIEW
  • Quiz.pdf 24.15 KB PREVIEW
  • Syllabus.pdf 144.92 KB PREVIEW
  • Instructor_Guide.pdf 97.01 KB PREVIEW
  • The Future of Making Things - Instructor Presentation.pptx 21.91 MB

Step-by-Step Guide

  • Step-by-step guide 2.67 MB PREVIEW


  • ShadeProfile.jpg 427.99 KB

Software Tutorials

  • 14-14Lesson 1 - Overview.mp4 116.07 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 2 - Sketch.mp4 62.31 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 3 - Model.mp4 53.16 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 4 - Model the Arm.mp4 85.07 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 5 - Sculpt.mp4 228.74 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 6 - Assemble.mp4 84.13 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 7 - Annotation.mp4 29.89 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 8 - Render.mp4 39.16 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 9 - Export.mp4 24.81 MB PREVIEW
  • 14-14Lesson 10 - Collaborate.mp4 20.16 MB PREVIEW


Kartikey Gupta's picture

Excellent Starting Guide! Thanks!

Kartikey Gupta
MohammedAzim Shaikh's picture

Excellent Material Kit! Thanks A Lot!

MohammedAzim Shaikh
Theresa Krack's picture

I've learned a lot. Thank you for this excellent training course.

Theresa Krack
Truong Phu's picture

Absolutely! Thank you very much for the training course.

Truong Phu
Aman pandey's picture

thank u so much.....it's really help to learn fusion 360..

Aman pandey
Tash Gillatt's picture

There is no datatset to download. A shame as I was looking forward to this tutorial

Tash Gillatt
Samn Gibbs-Jones's picture

Just downloaded all of the files to begin to deliver this to students only to find there is NO DATA SET.
Disappointing and can't use any of these resources now.

Samn Gibbs-Jones
Jeffery Lovegrove's picture

Thanks! :) I always learn something new in Fusion with these tutorials.

Jeffery Lovegrove
Don Reichert's picture

Very well done, easy to follow and listen to,

Don Reichert