Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

15+ hours
In this project you are introduced to the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and the associated software skills.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering involves the design, construction, and operation of power plants, engines, and machines. It deals mostly with mechanisms that move. A common way of categorizing mechanical engineering is by heat utilization or machine design. Heat utilization involves the generation, distribution, and use of heat in boilers, heat engines, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Machine design is concerned with hardware, including that which makes use of heat processes.


Build Your Skills

In this project you will learn about the fundamental concepts of mechanical engineering, and the associated software skills you will need in Autodesk software to make designs. Every module covers the skills you need to begin creating designs in Autodesk Inventor.  Use the lesson plans and datasets to guide your work.

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These modules will walk you through the beginner skills associated with the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

Module1 Introduction Mechanical Engineering

  • Lesson Plan.docx 242.2 KB

Module2 Design Process

  • Lesson Plan.docx 443.08 KB

Module3 Inventor User Interface

  • Tutorial 32.67 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 824.56 KB
  • 176.81 KB

Module4 Create Basic 3D Geometry

  • Tutorial 36.05 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 445.15 KB
  • 866.91 KB

Module5 Placed Features Geometry Modification

  • Tutorial 76.69 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 1.18 MB
  • 2.08 MB

Module6 Document Parts

  • Tutorial 26.88 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 369.23 KB
  • 549.6 KB

Module7 Assembly Modeling

  • Tutorial 67.61 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 972.61 KB
  • 1.7 MB

Module8 Document Assemblies

  • Tutorial 30.43 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 449.58 KB
  • 1.72 MB


These modules will walk you through the intermediate skills associated with the fundamentals of mechanical engineering.

Module9 Electrical Hydraulic Subsystems Design

  • Tutorial 60.15 MB
  • Lesson Plan.docx 623.9 KB
  • 11.2 MB


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Data set 6 missing, apart from that, great tutorials

Tyronne Wund
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Inventor 2017 build: 196, Release: 2017 SP1

Unit 9 -> fails to import harness data

Import XML/CSV File
No wires processed. Check the log for
Errors: 1 Warnings: 1

******** Importing wire list (day, date, time)
WARNING: Invalid type "text,text,text,text,text,text" specified for property "Wire ID, Wire
Name,RefDes1,Pin1,RefDes2,Pin2". This property was ignored.
ERROR: One or more required properties are not defined

Sigurdur Einarsson