Fundamentals of Architecture

15+ hours
This project covers the fundamentals of architecture and the associated software skills.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Fundamentals of Architecture

This project explains the fundamentals of architecture.  Architecture is the study of buildings.  Since we humans do not have fur, feathers, or shells for protection from the elements, we have needed buildings as shelter for thousands of years.  Buildings contain our living and working spaces and the places where we congregate and interact in small or large groups such as markets, churches, arenas, transportation hubs, schools, and hospitals.


Build your skills

In this project you will learn about the fundamental concepts of architecture, and the associated skills you will need in Autodesk software to design your own buildings. Every module covers the skills you need to begin creating structures in Autodesk Revit. Use the lesson plans, datasets, and sample imagery to guide your work.  Download the Revit Getting Started Guide for extra help.

Project resource download


These modules will walk you through the beginner skills associated with the fundamentals of architecture.

Module01 Revit User Interface

  • Module 01 16.66 MB
  • Module 01 Lesson Plan.docx 5.63 MB
  • Module 01 Sample 68.77 KB
  • Module 01 Tutorial 70.99 MB

Module02 Project Standards and Setup

  • Module 02 17.29 MB
  • Module 02 Lesson Plan.docx 2.49 MB
  • Module 02 Sample 150.86 KB
  • Module 02 Tutorial 122.97 MB

Module03 Wall Layout Design Editing

  • Module 03 22.1 MB
  • Module 03 Lesson Plan.docx 1.86 MB
  • Module 03 Sample 87.44 KB
  • Module 03 Tutorial 146.35 MB

Module04 Door and Window Layout and Design

  • Module 04 11.29 MB
  • Module 04 Lesson Plan.docx 1.2 MB
  • Module 04 Sample 115.51 KB
  • Module 04 Tutorial 122.39 MB


These modules will walk you through the intermediate skills associated with the fundamentals of architecture.

Module05 Roof Layout Design Editing

  • Module 05 29.77 MB
  • Module 05 Lesson Plan.docx 2.19 MB
  • Module 05 Sample 154.8 KB
  • Module 05 Tutorial 194.49 MB

Module06 Building Documentation Sections Elevations

  • Module 06 64.81 MB
  • Module 06 Lesson Plan.docx 1.42 MB
  • Module 06 Sample 107.67 KB
  • Module 06 Tutorial 230.13 MB

Module07 Stairs and Railings

  • Module 07 Tutorial 139.87 MB
  • Module 07 Sample 190.72 KB
  • Module 07 Lesson Plan.docx 973.65 KB
  • Module 07 24.87 MB

Module08 Visualization Rendering

  • Module 08 Tutorial 139.34 MB
  • Module 08 Sample 89.18 KB
  • Module 08 Lesson Plan.docx 1.23 MB
  • Module 08 18.05 MB


These modules will walk you through the advanced skills associated with the fundamentals of architecture.

Module09 Structural Layout and Design

  • Module 09 Tutorial 169.14 MB
  • Module 09 Sample 286.09 KB
  • Module 09 Lesson Plan.docx 1.91 MB
  • Module 09 34.99 MB

Module10 Visualization Walkthroughs

  • Module 10 Tutorial 111.08 MB
  • Module 10 Sample Output 4.67 MB
  • Module 10 Sample 114.93 KB
  • Module 10 Lesson Plan.docx 466.39 KB
  • Module 10 10.26 MB

Module11 Complex Walls

  • Module 11 Tutorial 39.91 MB
  • Module 11 Sample 172.8 KB
  • Module 11 Lesson Plan.docx 1.33 MB
  • Module 11 9.8 MB

Module12 Building Documentation Schedules

  • Module 12 Tutorial 148.25 MB
  • Module 12 Sample 183.8 KB
  • Module 12 Lesson Plan.docx 885.07 KB
  • Module 12 20.56 MB

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Karen Hockemeyer's picture

This is an excellent project. However, the materials for each lesson are not in the correct file folders. I wasted time hunting down the correct project files. (Example: For Lesson 0 the datafiles contained rvt files for walls, not the needed ProjectStds_Exercise02.rvt. When I finally found the file the name did not match.

Karen Hockemeyer
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Hi Karen,

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have resolved the issue by giving each downloadable asset a unique name to prevent overlaps between modules with assets of the same name.

Design Academy
Joseph Coban's picture

looks great !!

Joseph Coban
Ellie Granata's picture

How can I access the Intermediate and Advanced Levels?

Ellie Granata
Mr. Manjunath J Nadiga's picture

i want to know what is asset download contains

Mr. Manjunath J Nadiga
Design Academy's picture

@Ellie Granata You can access the intermediate and advanced levels from the Project resource download section in this course. Click the plus signs to expand the menus and download the assets.

Design Academy
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@Mr. Manjunath J Nadiga The project resources include datasets, video tutorials, lesson plans for educators, and some sample imagery. Click the plus signs in the project resources download menu to view the list of assets available for download. Good luck!

Design Academy
Amr Allali's picture

I tried to download the guide for work but the page does not show, I do not know why?

Amr Allali
Bertrand Masure's picture

I found the pdf but not the dataset...

Bertrand Masure
Krishnan Gowri-Scc's picture

Do we have a getting started guide for Revit 2019?

Krishnan Gowri-Scc
Aris Cahuana's picture

@Design Academy I am trying to download the intermediate resource butt just I can do it one by one. How could I do in a dowload? Thanks!

Aris Cahuana
Maher Obeid's picture

ITt is well done,...lot of info and a good practice tutorial.

Maher Obeid
Maher Obeid's picture

ITt is well done,...lot of info and a good practice tutorial.

Maher Obeid
Jose Manuel Eguizabal's picture

al terminar los cursos obtenes algun cerfiticado ? desde ya muchas gracias saludos atentamente

Jose Manuel Eguizabal
Dennis O'Keefe's picture

Season's Greeting. What are the steps I should take to obtain Revit licensure for myself and 15 students? Is there a separate
license required for each student and myself or can this be obtained for my high school?

Dennis O'Keefe