F1 in Schools: Helmet Design

Engineering, Product Design
Fusion 360
6-10 hours
Using Fusion 360 you can create the next great Formula One racing helmet, and a case to match!

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like an engineer: Design a racing helmet

Wearing a helmet can save your life.  There is no question about that when it comes to racing. It's a requirement. The helmet protects drivers from impact and allows them to communicate via radio with their crew. They are designed to have a hard outer shell and an inner layer of special crushable foam. Both of these layers help disperse the crash energy and protect the brain. Just imagine, most racecar drivers are reaching speeds of over 200 miles per hour, resulting in impact reaching 50 to 100Gs.  At those G's, a helmet is your best friend.


Get creative with design in class

In this project, you have been invited to design a concept Formula One race car helmet using Autodesk® Fusion360.  The helmet must support the highest degree of safety and comfort to the user. The design aesthetic must convey speed and the style and culture of Formula One racing.

Project resource download


Download these files to help you get started designing a helmet for F1 Racing.

Project Assets

  • Instructor Manual.pdf 150.13 KB PREVIEW
  • Datasets.zip 19.82 MB
  • Fusion 360_Download and Installation.mp4 7.53 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Uploading Data and Creating a New Project.mp4 4.96 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 User Interface.mp4 6.5 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion360 Navigating your Model.mp4 17.63 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion360 Importing Reference Material.mp4 28.91 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Creating The Base Shape of the F1 Helmet.mp4 17.8 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Adding Detail to the F1 Helmet Part 1.mp4 37.12 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Adding Detail to the F1 Helmet Part 2.mp4 44.76 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Adding Detail to the F1 Helmet Part 3.mp4 47.87 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Adding Detail to the F1 Helmet Part 4.mp4 15.31 MB PREVIEW
  • Fusion 360 Rendering the F1 Helmet.mp4 37.42 MB PREVIEW


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Hi, it seems that the assets don't match the helmet design. The tutorials are about Inventor (not Fusion) and the dataset is about the F1 Racing Car. Am I correct, or am I missing the point? BTW, Great initiative!

grtz, Hans

Hans Van De Meent
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nice work

Balamurugan P
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you made various mistakes which got us confused. you should edit those parts. also naming each body would help us to differentiating them

Aldus Matus
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I found it useful! I'm not a beginner with fusion but through this video I learnt some nice tricks. Thank you!

Daniele Di Paolo