Desk Lamp

Product Design
1-5 hours
Design a better desk lamp using Autodesk Inventor.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Autodesk Education provides free access to industry-standard professional 3D design software...

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Think like a designer: Make a better desk lamp

Homework shouldn't give you headaches, but your desk lamp might. If it's too dim, your lamp could make books hard to read. On the other hand, the glare from a very bright lamp on your book or computer screen might make you squint. Either way, all that extra eye strain can make you tired, less productive, and headachy.


Get creative with design in class

Here's how you can prevent homework headaches: use 3D modeling software to design a smarter desk lamp, with the right base, height, and shade to shed light on any subject. The Project Brief provides background on this desk lamp challenge. Everything else you need to succeed as a designer is included in this project: software tutorial videos to show you the moves in Inventor and Design Thinking videos to walk you through the creative process.


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Design a better desk lamp using Autodesk Inventor.

Project Assets

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Steve8968's picture

A good project to do with GCSE engineering students,

Andrew Hudson's picture

The video files are for a scooter and need to be fixed up please.

Andrew Hudson
Everton Mendonca's picture

Hi, this 'Student Showcase"
I can use it in the classroom and spread it on the internet?
i am professor

Everton Mendonca

Agree with Andrew's comment (4 years ago), files are for a scooter.

Duncan Rutherford's picture

The videos in the tutorials file are the wrong videos, they are for other projects. I like the look of the design but I can't build it because there are no tutorials.

Duncan Rutherford