Dance Routine

1-5 hours
Choreograph a dance routine in Autodesk Maya.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like an animator: Choreograph a dance routine

Whether you perform individually or as part of a dance team or group, a solid routine with eye-catching choreography is just as essential as good technique and polished styling. Choreographing your own dance is a fun way to express your dance style in an upcoming performance. It’s also a great way to learn the basics of 3D character animation.



Get creative with design in class

In this project, you have been asked to come up with a 10- 15 second dance routine for an animation character that you have created in Project Pinocchio. In the first series of project series, you plan a a sequence of dance moves for an animation character. Then after learning the basics of Autodesk Maya, you key frame poses to record a 10 second original dance animation routine.


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Choreograph a dance routine in Autodesk Maya.

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Another really good short project that allows students to get straight into animating a character that they created in character generator (previously project Pinocchio )

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O legal é a interação do personagem, e poder manipular e controlar é algo fantástico!