Concept Sketching

Industrial Design, STEAM
SketchBook Express
1-5 hours
In this project you will create concept sketches in Sketchbook Express.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like a designer: concept sketching

Concept sketching is an excellent way to quickly explore design ideas. Product designers spend a lot of time sketching as a quick way to evaluate design ideas to see if they are worth developing further. Concept sketches provide a visual example of the basic design composition and layout and allow designers to solicit feedback and approval prior to creating detailed illustrations or CAD models.


Get creative with design in class

In this activity, students create a concept sketch for a bike of their own design.  Students can begin by thinking about where and how their bike might be used. After generating their own concept sketches, students can share their ideas with the class as a way of engaging in the key product development stage of concept review and critique.


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These assets apply to all levels

These assets can be used for all the difficulty levels found below.

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Download these assets to learn how to create concept sketches in Sketchbook Express.

Project Assets

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