Chair: Ergonomics

Product Design
Fusion 360
1-5 hours
Think like a designer: Make a better computer lab chair

Project Resources

Project Resources

Award-winning industrial designer Karim Rashid is known
internationally for creating innovative,...

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Think like a designer: Make a better computer lab chair

Look around the computer lab at your school or library, and you may notice clunky old equipment due for replacing – but the chairs are probably more outdated. They might be made of hard, splintery wood (ouch), or make embarrassing creaks when you sit on them. Some may even not have wheels, so you have to drag them across the room for group projects. But in this design challenge, you can invent a comfortable, sturdy, rolling chair better suited to collaborative class projects.


Get creative with design in class

In this project-based learning challenge, you'll learn skills that product designers like Karim Rashid use every day at work: researching target audience needs, sketching 3D models, applying ergonomic design principles for comfort, and presenting a scale-model chair prototype that fits in your hand. With creativity and critical thinking, your class will produce a stronger, smarter chair that will better serve computer lab-goers today – and for years to come.

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  • Design Thinking Activity_Understand.pdf 98.21 KB PREVIEW


Design a sturdy chair in 3D with Fusion 360.

Project Assets

  • Designer Profile.mp4 652.98 MB PREVIEW
  • Step-by-Step Guide Beginner.pdf 914.73 KB PREVIEW
  • Software Tutorials 208.14 MB
  • Designer Guide Beginner.pdf 63.33 KB PREVIEW


Create an ergonomic desk chair prototype with Fusion 360.

Project Assets

  • Step-by-Step Guide Intermediate.pdf 843.36 KB PREVIEW
  • Software Tutorials 234.38 MB
  • Designer Guide Intermediate.pdf 65.2 KB PREVIEW
  • Designer Profile.mp4 652.98 MB PREVIEW
  • Dataset.f3d 1.14 MB


Invent a chair for the computer lab of the future with Fusion 360.

Project Assets

  • Step-by-step Guide Advanced.pdf 660.75 KB PREVIEW
  • Software Tutorials 115.34 MB
  • Designer Guide Advanced.pdf 64.08 KB PREVIEW
  • Designer Profile.mp4 652.98 MB PREVIEW
  • Chair Frame.stp 281.66 KB


espeya's picture

Great project with Fusion 360!

untonchik's picture

very interesting project! Just completed my chair design in Fusion 360, attached the result in gallery. It's very nice that I was able to make concept design and solid modelling in one tool.

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Great introduction design!

Wanda Harding