BIM: Intermediate Modeling

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15+ hours
Learn how to use BIM effectively within the design process, including area and space planning, using design options, and moving into detailed design and construction.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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Think like a designer: capture your ideas with BIM

Client requirements for a project are often described in area budgets that allocate square footage targets to specific departments, programs, or functions. Designers typically use these targets as a starting point for a top-down design approach, allocating specific building areas to each of the budgets and tabulating the assignments to confirm that the program needs are being met. This approach enables designers to make high-level design decisions and assess their impact, long before the details of the individual rooms are mapped out. 


Get creative with design in class

Discover how BIM can provide visualization of space planning to better understand the programmatic relationships of your building design to capture non-graphical data about the project that can be reported in schedules.  Next, we look at how BIM manages phased construction and renovations through an organizational construct to represent time, known as 4D. Then, we will look at design options which provides an organizational methodology to explore “what-if” scenarios for building design in a singular model construct. Moving on we explore BIM’s abilities to create building documents that are accurate and coordinated.  Finally, we explore digital fabrication of architectural building components through Autodesk® Fusion™ 360.  Students receive free* access to download Autodesk® Revit® software here. Download today to try this project.

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Download these assets to learn about intermediate modeling in BIM.

Instructor Manual

  • Instructor Manual.pdf 1.37 MB PREVIEW

Student Workbook

  • Student Workbook.pdf 3.25 MB PREVIEW

Module 01: Areas and Space Planning

  • Lecture 5.41 MB
  • 61.9 MB
  • Module01 Exercise 01_Defining and Displaying Areas and Area Plans.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module01 Exercise 02_Defining and Displaying Rooms and Room Plans.mp4 PREVIEW

Module 02: Phased Project Design

  • 16.94 MB
  • Module02 Exercise 01_Phased New Construction.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module02Ex02_Phased Renovations_INT.mp4 PREVIEW

Module 03: Design Options

  • Module03 Exercise 01_Using Option Sets to Compare Building Envelope Design Alternatives.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module03 Exercise 02_Using Option Sets to Compare Interior and Room Design Alternatives.mp4 PREVIEW
  • 66.39 MB

Module 04: Detailed Design-Construction Documents

  • Module 04 Exercise 01_Creating Details and Callouts part 1.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module04Ex01_Creating Details and Callouts part 2_INT.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 04 Exercise 02_Creating Annotated Section Views part 1.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module04 Exercise 02_Creating Annotated Section Views part 2.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 04 Exercise 02_Creating Annotated Section Views part 3.mp4 PREVIEW
  • 76.19 MB

Module 05: Detailed Design-Schedules and Quantities

  • Module05 Exercise01_Creating and Presenting Model Schedules.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 05 Exercise 02_Enhancing and Adding Information to Schedules.mp4 PREVIEW
  • 78.76 MB

Module 06: Digital Fabrication with Fusion 360

  • Module 06 Exercise 01_Facade Concept Overview.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 02_Fusion360 User Interface Overview.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 03_Creating a digital model in Fusion360 Overview.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 04_Creating a digital model in Fusion360 Step by Step.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 05_2D Outputs_Renderings and Drawings.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 06_3D Outputs_Manufacturing.mp4 PREVIEW
  • Module 06 Exercise 07_Export to Revit.mp4 PREVIEW
  • 22.23 MB


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Autodesk is really a rock bottom quality company. So many of the courses are second rate, at the best, full of errors, limited, poorly structured, files all mixed up, files named wrong.
In this course Module 1 Exercise 1 is actually an image, not a video file...

Does no one perform any form of quality control at the company?

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Por favor, habilite os módulos para todos os idiomas.

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