BIM to fabrication for conceptual design

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15+ hours
In this project you will connect 3D BIM modeling with fabrication methods like CnC milling, 3D printing, and laser cutting.

Project Resources

Project Resources

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David R. Beach is an architect and Associate Professor of Architecture...

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Think like a designer: fabricate a museum building

Digital fabrication for architectural design is the process of using computer controlled machines for manufacturing physical objects by leveraging the geometrical output from a 3D BIM model. In this project we will explore CnC manufacturing, laser cutting, and 3D printing as an integrated part of the design process.


Go from virtual to physical model with this project

Digital fabrication enhances design insight and design communication.  The best way to begin learning the toolsets inherent to digital fabrication is to begin small, integrating model making as part of a design process while understanding its potential for scalable constructs.  In this project you will build a conceptual design for a small museum while connecting a BIM model to fabrication processes designed to drive CnC routers, laser cutters, and 3D printers.  To learn more about the BIM to fabrication process, you can read David Beach's blog, or watch a recording of his On Air webinar.


Project resource download


Download the Datasets and Videos associated with each module to learn about digital fabrication.

Module01 Creating a physical site model

  • Step-by-Step 10.43 MB
  • Software 1.03 GB
  • Instructor Manual.docx 798.4 KB
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Module02 Building massing models in FormIt

  • Step-by-Step 8.53 MB
  • Software 800.52 MB
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Module03 Conceptual model to fabrication

  • Step-by-Step 11.21 MB
  • Software 1.72 GB
  • 47.48 MB

Module04 Developing details

  • Step-by-Step 15.39 MB
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