Bicycle Pavilion

15+ hours
Design a bicycle pavilion for two-wheeled commuters to park their bikes.

Project Resources

Project Resources

Will Fowler is the Programs Director for the Architectural Foundation of...

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Think like an architect: Design a bicycle pavilion for 2-wheeled commuters

Commuter and leisure bicycling is soaring—so much so that the City of San Francisco has commissioned you to build a bicycle pavilion along the waterfront near Pier 39. The idea for the pavilion springs from a growing awareness of the need for greener transportation methods. The proposed pavilion is to house a bicycle repair and rental operation, meeting rooms, bathrooms, information kiosks, a rocket fuel stand, and lockers where roadies can stash their rigs. The end solution is an elegant, sophisticated design complete with 3D camera views, walkthroughs, and renderings.


Get creative with design in class

Will Fowler, Program Director, at Architecture Foundation of San Francisco, guides you through the process of designing the pavilion in a series of videos that begin with a detailed examination of the design problem such as site logistics, building orientation, weather influences, what materials to use, and environmental impact. He walks you through the process of sketching, building a model by hand, and then on to digital imaging using Autodesk Revit Architecture software. Feel free to modify the project plan to meet the specific requirements of your city, and then present your final design to your city council. Think outside the zone!

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Design a bicycle pavilion for two-wheeled commuters to park their bikes.

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