Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Engineering, Maker, Manufacturing, Product Design
Fusion 360
1-5 hours
Autodesk® Fusion 360™ is intended for those age 13 and above. Autodesk® Tinkercad™ may be used by children under 13 with parental consent.

Project Resources

Project Resources

Instructor Manual
Lesson Plan
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Matt was first introduced to AutoCAD and 3d Studio in High...

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This is an update to last year's course. Airgineers – Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360 walks students through the foundational concepts of design, assembly, and test flight of a micro-class drone. Through this course, students learn valuable design tools to help create and develop drone concept chassis and take them up into the air.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

Understand the parametric CAD workflow.
Identify interface aspects of Fusion 360.
Articulate the difference between a Body and a Component.
Model components defined by parameters.
Manipulate part material and appearances.
Understand component mass and center of mass location.
Identify manufacturing methods for prototyping.
Assemble and fly a micro class drone.

For more information, including component information, visit

Project resource download

Getting started In this lesson, we'll discover what you'll learn in this course and download the software and resources you need.

  • Airgineers course overview video 8.67 MB
  • Course 88.61 MB
  • Fusion 360 User Interface Update 17.47 MB

Download Autodesk Fusion 360

  • Fusion 360 product download link

Instructor guide Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360 - Instructor resources

  • Airgineers - Micro drone design - Instructor Guide.pdf 339.38 KB PREVIEW
  • Airgineers - Micro Drone Design - Instructor 19.07 MB

Lesson 1: Starter activity In this lesson, students will learn how to set physical materials of a part and measure their mass properties for better planning of design updates.

  • Lesson 1 video - Part 58.97 MB
  • Lesson 1 - Print 347.5 KB

Lesson 2: Introduction to Fusion 360 In this lesson students will learn more about the Fusion 360 user interface by first being exposed to it though a lecture followed by a hands-on walkthrough of the complete UI.

  • Lesson 2 video - 01 Fusion 360 Ui Walk 67.13 MB
  • Lesson 2 video - 02 Create A Basic 94.19 MB
  • Lesson 2 video - 03 Solid Geometry 94.77 MB
  • Lesson 2 video - 04 Distributed Design In Fusion 62.35 MB
  • Lesson 2 - Print 1.16 MB

Lesson 3: Basics of drone construction In this lesson students will learn more about the design of drones and how various parameters will affect its performance.

  • Lesson 3 video - 01 Drone 88.54 MB
  • Lesson 3 video - 02 Drone 95.92 MB
  • Lesson 3 video - 03 Chassis 95.35 MB
  • Lesson 3 video - 04- Importance Of 72.13 MB

Lesson 4: Layout of a 2D plate design In this lesson, we'll dive deeper into more complicated sketch layouts using parameters, dimensions, and constraints to fully detail the location of critical geometry.

  • Lesson 4 videos - Part 85.55 MB
  • Lesson 4 video - 03 Create The Chassis 65.84 MB
  • Lesson 4 video - 04 Create Prop 59.86 MB
  • Lesson 4 video - 05 Create The Controller And Camera 97.68 MB
  • Lesson 4 video - 06 Insert Mcmaster-carr 75.98 MB
  • Llesson 4 video - 07 Review A 83.83 MB
  • Lesson 4 video - 08 Program A CNC 99.5 MB
  • Lesson 4 - 2.61 MB

Lesson 5: Designing a 3D printed micro class drone In this lesson, we'll design a 3D printed micro drone chassis to be manufactured using a desktop FDM style 3D printer.

  • Lesson 5 video - 01 Creating The Geometry Bounding 58.89 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 02 Insert And Locate Main 56.2 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 03 Main Chassis Design 82.34 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 04 Main Chassis 56.04 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 05 Create The Propeller Guard Base 65.34 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 06 Create The Propeller Guard 77.84 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 07 Creation Of The Main Chassis Ribs And Motor 94.06 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 08 - Creation Of The Camera Holding 92.83 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 09 Finalizing The Camera 97.1 MB
  • Lesson 5 video - 10 Static Simulation 71.12 MB
  • Lesson 5 - Print 3.52 MB

Lesson 6: Build a micro class drone n this lesson, we'll print, prepare, and assemble the micro drone.

  • Lesson 6 video - 01 3D print a 43.94 MB
  • Lesson 6 video - 02 Post Process the 78.07 MB
  • Lesson 6 video - 03 Assemble the Micro 99.76 MB
  • Lesson 6 video - 04 Battery 81.46 MB
  • Lesson 6 - Print 273.23 KB

Lesson 7: Flight controller setup and test flights In this lesson, we'll learn how to setup a micro drone and prepare for a test flight.

  • Lesson 7 - 01 Flight Controller 89.35 MB
  • Lesson 7 - 02 Safety 85.76 MB
  • Lesson 7 - 03 Test 66.61 MB

Lesson 8: Creating drawings, renders, and animations In this lesson, we'll explore some of the various Fusion 360 tools to create exploded views, detailed drawings, and renderings of their drone.

  • Lesson 8 video - 01 Create An Exploded View 95.81 MB
  • Lesson 8 video - 02 Create A Detailed 88.67 MB
  • Lesson 8 video - 03 - Photorealistic 55.16 MB
  • Lesson 8 - Print 1.38 MB

Course challenge Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360 challenge

  • Airgineers Micro Drone Design - Course Challenge.pdf 147.04 KB PREVIEW
  • 10 Course 21.29 MB

Course assessment Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360 - test questions

  • Airgineers Micro Class Drone Design - Test Questions for LMS.pdf 112.75 KB PREVIEW


Steven Parkinson's picture

A great series of informative videos that allows students to design and build their own drone. Teachers are able to select some, or all of the videos dependant on their curriculum requirements.

Steven Parkinson
Paul Clarke's picture

Awesome- we are just about to embark on the research aspect of this, trial and test it at school before setting this as a STEAM challenge.... we are excited the students are ecstatic, its genius thank you.

Paul Clarke
Dhaval Vaishnav's picture

Nice Collection and Great Concepts for Learning and Making Environment More Technically and Making things Easy

Dhaval Vaishnav
Patrick McHale's picture

Awesome resource. Just wondering if anyone has a link to an electronics/components kit that will suit this design?

Patrick McHale
Pete Jones's picture

Patrick has made a good point. I haven't browsed all the videos so apologies if I'm being a bit slow here.
A quick google found this though:

Pete Jones
Pete Jones's picture
Pete Jones
Pete Jones's picture

...and this looks a good match for the motor.
USD1.89 ea


Pete Jones
Steven Parkinson's picture

Morning everyone. Airgineers is supported by Autodesk and Rapid Education. Everything you need is available from the link below. You are able to buy the parts you need, or full starter kits. Additionally, you can also take measurements / stock names and purchase elsewhere! Rapid are able to ship worldwide too! The competition is in the UK only this year, however if anyone would be interested in running this elsewhere I'd be very interested to know!

Steven Parkinson
Mr J Scott's picture

Great tutorials to work through. I'm doing well with the tutorials (got to no.11) but got a bit stuck when it comes to rotating the main circuit board as all the chips detach. How can I lock them down to the board and move everything together?

Mr J Scott
Mr. Derby's picture

Is there any stores in the united states that sell these parts?

Mr. Derby
Bradley Mellor's picture

Great set of tutorials covering a wide range of topics in Fusion 360.

Bradley Mellor
Ryan Ball's picture

Looking forward to getting started with this! Great stuff again Autodesk!

Ryan Ball
Chieu Tran's picture

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself. I am a certified STEM Teacher at a middle school, and my background is mechanical engineering. I also teach drone technology. I have created the drone chassis from the tutorial which is excellent. From my knowledge, the design is reverse engineered from Eachine 010 and Tiny Whoop drones. You can get all the components from Amazon, getfpv, flight test companies (in the US).

Have any educators used this project yet? If so, please tell me the mishap(s), so I can improve when I teach my students.

Thank you

Chieu Tran
Chieu Tran's picture

Hi all,

I printed the drone chassis / frame and used the components from the Eachine 010 to assemble it. It worked perfectly!

Eachine 010 from Amazon

Chieu Tran
Jeremy Mularella's picture

Hi, this is such an excellent tutorial! I have gone through all of the steps myself and plan on having students use this to help them design their own drone frame. I wanted to thank you for updating the videos to include the new UI update. However, I wanted to let you know that one of the videos (Lesson 5 video - 06 Create The Propeller Guard does not work. The video itself is correct, but it plays a repeated audio clip from the previous video. In other words, the audio does not match the video.

Jeremy Mularella