Introduction to Design for Innovation Using Fusion 360

it was good program, add more design problems and design thinking processes.
Good showcase of the use of Fusion as a tool for prototyping.
How to get certification in this course
Thank you for this course. I have a question on the spoon sculpting. Following the instructions, the spoon will end up having a hole (visible in the tutorial, min 06:00 and 06:24) which will prevent to "finish form". How can the hole be avoided or repaired? Thanks
Very useful course. Thanks Akshay Sharma
ThinkEDU is currently planning some training workshops, sessions, and/or contests for student accounts, and may provide training opportunities for many of us in the near future. <3
It was a great course! Thank you Akshay Sharma! I learned a lot with yours tutorials.
Very clear
I really liked the cursor showing mouse buttons. But the course was way too long. Would have been better as a two hour course instead of five and a half.
Of course excellent, the content is very clear and explains in detail the use of Fusion 360 software tools