Product Design in Fusion 360: From Idea to Prototype

Do you have an idea for a product, but don’t know how to make it come to life?  

In this course, we teach you how to use Autodesk Fusion 360 to turn your ideas into 3D designs that are ready for manufacturing. In this course, we'll conduct two hands-on projects:

  • First, we'll design a utility knife (as pictured on the course homepage)
  • And then, for parts modeling and assemblies, we'll work on a bicycle frame.

Let's get started!

In the Create an animation of an assembly lesson it briefly shows a motion study being rendered to illustrate Joint actions, but I cant see this option exists.
This course is good, but the instructor didn't show how to build he utility knife's body he skipped that step, this part is integral.
Its nice that the second guy is a bit faster paced, but unfortunatly, he skip through a few of the steps that you do, making it take 30 minutes instead of the 5 minutes that he does, because you have to rewatch the video so many times, just to figure out what he did.