Introduction to Structural Analysis

Structural engineers design and analyze buildings, bridges, power plants, electrical towers, dams, and other large structures that are essential to life as we know it. They choose the precise configuration for elements in these designs by using mathematical calculations and analytical techniques such as the finite element method (FEM). Doing so predicts the behavior of new structures and analyzes the failures in existing ones—solving critical problems for the world's infrastructure. 

This course shows you how to design, analyze, and document your engineering project. You'll utilize the integrated analysis functionality to explore engineering, design, and construction decisions. Lessons on 2D sketching and hand calculations teach you the engineering skills required for solving problems and challenges on structural projects. Instruction in Autodesk® Robot™ Structural Analysis Professional software provides you with advanced building simulation and analysis capabilities for large and complex structures so that you can quickly perform simulations and analysis of a variety of structures. 

Discover how professionals use structural analysis tools to create consistent and high quality construction documentation so you can apply these skills to your own projects.

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