Introduction to CAD, CAM, and Practical CNC Machining

This course introduces you to foundational knowledge in computer-aided design (CAD), manufacture, and the practical use of CNC machines. We begin with the basics of Autodesk® Fusion 360™ CAD by learning how to properly sketch and model 3D parts. Before we program any toolpaths, we’ll explore CNC machining basics to ensure we have the foundational knowledge needed to effectively define toolpaths. Finally, we explore the basics of setting up a CAM program and defining toolpaths to cut simple geometry. This is the same basic process that gets repeated for the design and manufacture of any part and is a critical step in learning and understanding the process.

  • Explain the CAD design process as applied to prismatic parts.
  • Summarize the workflow of digital manufacturing.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in basic Fusion 360 CAM.
  • Recall foundational knowledge of practical CNC machining.
Well designed curriculum, chronological and educative
Some one should address point 2 on the slides. The dimension do not corelate to what's being drawn. Other than that very informative exercise
How do I ask questions about the coursework?
To whom should I address questions about the coursework? JV
This is really good for learning how to use the software. The only problem I have is the inconsistencies between the videos shown and the UI the course makes you use. It's just similar enough to get by, but just different enough to where you cannot figure out what you need to do or have to spend extra time searching for the right icon to use. Also, whenever I try to do something with tools, the one I need that they show in the video is never there.
good explanation
I do not have the option to Edit on the Web. I can View on the Web, but I do have the icon that opens the Browser Cad.
feeling cool here
up to its good enough to learn some thing new in this software fusion 360