Generative Design for Part Consolidation

Understand how generative design can lead to improved performance. Learn how to use generative design to reduce the mass of components and increase performance. In traditional design, many iterations, prototypes, digital validation, and real-world testing are needed to optimize a design. With generative design, you can describe the problem and wait for the results. This is extremely helpful when dealing with complicated parts on dynamic assemblies, such as a motorcycle swing arm. Explore design setup, solutions, and processing of a motorcycle swing arm made with generative design.

After the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Examine a multi-component assembly.
  • Create generative design studies.
  • Examine and select generative outcome iterations.
  • Summarize how to post process a generative outcome.
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Wonderful lesson. Detailed learning material on part consolidation through generative design.