Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing

Expand your skillset to stay at forefront of industry trends. Dive into the common applications of generative design—additive manufacturing or 3D printing, as it’s also known. Learn the basics of geometry creation and get a deeper understanding of generative design, its parameters, and how to work with results specifically aimed at making a 3D printed metal part. Understand the generative workflow by exploring Fusion 360 tools and combining them with the creative process of turning an idea into a 3D model. Learn how to apply the generative design thinking process to define a study.

After this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the CAD design process as applied to generative design.
  • Summarize the mindset for generative design.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in more advanced Fusion 360 CAD workflows.
Nice course
This is a very useful course.
i am still getting showed that i have completed 87 percent of course even though i have completed every video of this course overall good content and everything is great actually ....dont stop keep uploading new
Overall good content, but the missing practice files limited the usefulness of the practice exercises.
Documentation (practice solutions, instruction pdfs) organization was a little messy
Great information shared in this series!
Where are the course materials? I cant find anywhere on the website.
This gives a bigger prespective
"Practice the skills you've learned by completing the following exercise. Download the solution here". appear to be wrong in at least lesson 14 steps 3 and 4
Gostei do curso estou buscando aprimorar a cada dia