Airgineers: Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360

Airgineers – Micro Drone Design with Fusion 360 walks students through the foundational concepts of design, assembly, and test flight of a micro-class drone. Through this course, students learn valuable design tools to help create and develop drone concept chassis and take them up into the air.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand the parametric CAD workflow.
  • Identify interface aspects of Fusion 360.
  • Articulate the difference between a Body and a Component.
  • Model components defined by parameters.
  • Manipulate part material and appearances.
  • Understand component mass and center of mass location.
  • Identify manufacturing methods for prototyping.
  • Assemble and fly a micro class drone.
I am trying to create my own design but I hope this course helps
It might be useful for people who start make their own drones.
I couldn't see this video.Is there a problem related with the server?