Advanced CAD for Manufacturing

Welcome to Advanced CAD: Design and Manufacturing Skills. If you study design or engineering and look to expand your CAD and CAM skills by incorporating CNC programming, you've come to the right course! This course walks you through various machining techniques and ideas for basic CNC mill toolpaths, lathe toolpaths, and advanced toolpath creation. We'll also explore how to analyze part design for injection molding and learn how to create a core and cavity block that we'll then use to program CNC toolpaths. 

After completing this course, you'll be able to

● Create basic CNC toolpaths.
● Create a mold core and cavity block.
● Create advanced CNC toolpaths.
● Understand some geometry requirements of injection molding. 

I have learned something in this course it help me to improve my knowledge
It pretty good
The course is Very Useful ; but Here I want to suggest that if it is possible make videos on youtube channle because easy to download otherwise link can be provide beside the steps and please go deep in Each step for better understanding of machining control , behaviour and also relates to it CAM process on the Fusion 360 Software
learning through videos are simple
@Artem Petrov - Thank you for raising this issue with us. We've fixed the video duplication you mentioned.
Lesson 7, Step 4 and 5 have same video.
i have learn all of the module and it was easily to follow
The course was clear and easy to follow, thank you
Thank you so much!