Advanced CAD: Engineering Skills for Designers

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It's increasingly important for a designer to understand how parts are made, assembled, and simulated to better identify areas to improve a design. As a designer or design student, we have the task of bridging the roles between a traditional designer and traditional engineer. While we aren’t looking to train designers as engineers, we feel it’s beneficial for a designer to have a greater understanding in a broad spectrum of topics. This course will guide us through the analysis and basic design of injection molded parts, how to assemble and manage complex assemblies, understanding basic static stress and shape optimization simulation studies, and how to create detail drawing and exploded view creation for manufacturing.

After completing this course series, you'll be able to:

  • Analyze curvature and draft.
  • Create features for injection molded parts.
  • Assemble and manage complex assemblies.
  • Perform and review basic simulations.
  • Create basic detailed drawings.




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