Fusion 360 for FIRST Robotics Competitions

To truly collaborate, it must be easy for the entire team to offer input and leverage the digital design. Autodesk® Fusion 360™ has collaboration at its core, so the entire team can track changes using simple yet powerful design tools. Built in analysis, rendering, animation, and manufacturing also help to leverage the digital model for their individual needs. Whether you're managing the team, promoting it, designing the robot, or even driving it, the connection to Fusion 360 offers everyone an advantage. This connectivity extends beyond the core team, as well. The cloud-based data makes it easy for teachers and mentors to review and advise on the design and to keep a running record of the improvements made. This course will give special attention to workflows within Fusion 360 that are particularly useful for competitive robotics teams. 

After completing this course series, you'll be able to:

  • Connect teams and advisors to a single source for the robot design.
  • Look at techniques for modifying purchased, standard components.
  • Connect the components to allow movement and review of mechanisms.
  • Analyze the strength of components in the design.
  • Create drawings, renderings, and animations of the robot to help with promotion and assembly.
  • Export the robot to test its programming and practice competition maneuvers.

​For more information about FIRST Robotics, visit www.firstinspires.org and www.autodesk.com/first. Inspiring young people to become science and technology leaders.

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