Create Drawings, Manufacture, and Build a 3D Printer

In this course, we'll use Autodesk® Fusion 360™ animation and drawing workspaces to transform components and create an exploded view technical drawing of the 3D printer assemblies. We'll use Fusion 360 CAM tools to generate machine code and file formats for the digital manufacture of the 3D printer components. And finally, we'll introduce some existing resources to help you choose and install the software and hardware necessary to physically assemble your 3D printer.

After completing this course, you'll be able to:

  • Use Fusion 360 to create an exploded view of the 3D printer assemblies and add a parts list to identify them.
  • Use Fusion 360 CAM tools to create toolpaths for laser-cutting the 3D printer frame.
  • Use Fusion 360 to create STL files to 3D print the plastic components.
  • Use Fusion 360 CAM tools to turn threads for the 3D printer shafts.
  • Install the necessary software and hardware to physically assemble your 3D printer.
Very good tutorial.
Very good tutorial. I watched the course on my iPad Pro. I had to jump to various parts on my display to watch the video and then to select the next part of the course. Is this typical.