Design a Race Car for F1 in Schools using Fusion 360

The digital manufacturing process is rapidly changing how things get made and how teams work together. Integrated design and manufacturing systems and collaboration tools are transforming the future of making.

In this course, we'll apply the digital manufacturing process and Autodesk® Fusion 360™ CAD/CAM software to design a race car for competition. Whether you enrolled in this course as a team manager, marketing manager, or involved in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of a dragster, you'll develop the career skills needed to be innovative, productive, and efficient. 

This course is designed for individuals on the team to better understand how the tools in Fusion 360 can be used for their role or by anyone interested in understanding the entire process. 

After completing this course, you'll be able to use Fusion 360 and Autodesk CFD to:

  • Connect team members using a data management system.
  • Develop a digital vehicle design.
  • Leverage the digital design to create promotion and fundraising materials.
  • Generate machining toolpaths from the digital vehicle design.


Design a Race Car for F1 in Schools using Fusion 360
8 lessons | 3 hours
Author: Thom Tremblay
Software: Fusion 360, CFD
Level: Beginner
Enrollment: 1721

iCourse Description

Lesson 1: Getting started

Lesson 2: Connecting the team

Lesson 3: Developing the Design

Lesson 4: Bringing it to life

Lesson 5: Showcasing the car

Lesson 6: End of course challenge assignments

Step 7: Course assessment

Step 8: Next steps

Great tutorial! It helped me a lot!
f1 car is pakka mass
the videos don't even load
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